Azure Engineer

About the Customer
The Client is a small digital bureau mainly working with hosting and development on client oriented assignment

About the Team
You’ll be an important person in a small team of 5, mostly working directly with the Clients CEO and PO.

Assignment description
Our client requires continuous assistance in making informed architectural decisions. They are actively seeking expert consultation for the maintenance and development of their existing Azure-based infrastructure. A top priority is the fortification of security measures, with special emphasis on enhancing the Azure AD structure, refining access management protocols, and ensuring robust protection across all levels of their digital framework. As the digital landscape evolves, they understand the importance of staying ahead in terms of security and efficiency. Therefore, the ideal candidate will bring a proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities, recommending best practices, and implementing state-of-the-art solutions to ensure the integrity and reliability of their infrastructure.

Example of tasks:
– Clean up and secure accounts and roles in AD, databases, and Kubernetes.
– Implement 2FA in the services we use.
– Set up a security policy for Azure resources.
– Enhance the security of our DevOps pipeline.
– Secure storage and management of passwords for system services.
– Implement scanning for third-party code (e.g., images, npm, nuget).
– Configure CORS and other web protocol securities.
– Network configuration within Azure.
– Configuration of permitted encryption protocols and algorithms.

Must haves
Azure AD,
Azure Kubernetes Service / Kubernetes
Azure SQL server
DevOps pipelining with Azure DevOps

Soft Values
Communicative and problem solving, not afraid to come with new ideas and consult with the client to find the best and optimized solution.

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