Pattern & Practices for Implementing Event Driven Microservices

We are announcing a webinar — “Pattern & Practices for Implementing Event Driven Microservices” with Nikhil Barthwal.

“Event-Driven Microservices architecture has gained a lot of attention recently. The trend in the industry is to move away from Monolithic applications to Microservices to innovate faster. While Microservices have their benefits, they also come with drawbacks. One major drawback is the problem of distributed data management, as each Microservice has its own database.

Event-Driven Architecture enables a way to make microservices work and manage transactions that update entities owned by multiple services in an eventually consistent fashion. Unfortunately implementing Event-driven Microservies architecture is hard. This talk focuses on the challenges faced and how to solve them”.

📣 Language — English

⏰ May 25, 5pm (CEST, Stockholm)
⏰ May 25, 6pm (EEST, Kyiv)

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Automated Machine Learning Engineering in the Cloud

We are announcing a webinar — “Automated Machine Learning Engineering in the Cloud” with Joshua Arvin Lat.

“Performing ML experiments and deployments in the cloud can be repetitive and error-prone. To improve a data science team’s ability to manage multiple ML experiments and deployments, it’s ideal that automation is introduced in the different phases of the ML process. In this session, we will discuss these options in detail, and we will some best practices when applying these in a real-world setting”.

📣 Language — English

⏰ May 19, 1pm (CEST, Stockholm)
⏰ May 19, 2pm (EEST, Kyiv)

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How does Deming's work on quality help us?

We are announcing a webinar – “How does Deming’s work on quality help us?” with Mike Harris.

«W. Edwards Deming is known as one of the most important management scientists of the twentieth century. Through advocating quality as a business philosophy, he helped industry in Japan recover after World War Two. His work underpins many aspects of lean and agile, and our understanding of quality. The way we work today is built on the fundations Deming laid down. In this talk I will introduce you to his defintion of quality, the Deming Cycle and Deming’s 14 Points for Management. The Deming Cycle shows us how iterations should work. Deming’s 14 Points gives us a theory of management for the improvement of quality, productivity and competitive position, which is something we as testers want.»

📣  Language – English

April 28, 1pm – 2pm (CEST, Stockholm) | 2pm – 3pm (EEST, Kyiv)

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Säkerställ rätt juridiska förutsättningar för ditt offshore utvecklingsteam

Under det här webinariet går vi igenom hur du får ett bra upplägg på ditt arbete med utvecklingsteam i andra länder.

– Vilka förutsättningar behöver finnas på plats?
– Vilka juridiska utmaningar behöver adresseras?
– Hur kan ni hantera utmaningarna med Schrems II på rätt sätt?

Developers Shores juridiska partner Sofia Edvardsen, Partner vid den affärsjuridiska byrån Sharp Cookie Advisors har lång erfarenhet av att hjälpa företag att säkra upp sina internationella utvecklingsresurser och delar sina erfarenheter med oss.

Välkommen torsdag 24 mars kl. 12-12.45!

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