Case: Mooringo

Developers Shore provided web and mobile app development support for a boating platform. Their most recent project involved the design and development of a mobile app using Flutter.

The app boasted over 500 downloads within the first week of its launch, and users responded positively to the app’s design. Collaborative and flexible, Developers Shore communicated well and was accommodating of the project’s restraints. They impressed with their customer-centric approach. 

Who are Mooringo?

Sun and holidays. Guest marinas occupied to the brim while you and everyone out at sea have left lots of empty berths behind. The Mooringo mobile app enables you to borrow or rent berths from private berth owners and harbours who want their empty berths to be used.

Who are you (Robert Mertens)?

“I am the CEO of Mooringo which is a startup in the business of recreational boating where we help boaters with data to improve their boating experience.”

To Mooringo

For what projects did your company hire Developers Shore, and what were your goals?

“We are using Developers Shore for all our app and web projects with the goal to have them as our remote development department. Mooringo ourselves have developers in-house but not all the expertise that we need to complete the product in a professional way. In this particular spring 2022 project Developers Shore helped us to design and program a whole new app from scratch in Flutter technology. The goals were to get a stable product on the market in the summer of 2022 and all these goals were met. There are actually no bugs!”

How did you select Developers Shore and what were the deciding factors?

We requested offers from several remote suppliers in Europe but decided on Developers Shore because we like to work with Ukraine developers because they are skilled and contribute to the team with individual knowledge. Developers Shore understood our need for specialists and could staff up our own department without adding a lot of overhead.

“I was the most impressed with their sincere interest in our success.”

Describe the scope of the project

We made it simple. We drew sketches on paper on how we wanted the app to look and behave and from there a designer created screens in Figma. The programmers in Ukraine did exactly that according to the design using Flutter technology.

A project manager was assigned as the main contact and he activated different resources like designers and programmers based on need both in terms of skills and to keep the deadline.

Contact Developers Shore

Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project?

”We had immediate 500 downloads the first week of the app launch and 10% subscribing. Users are up to 75% positive to the app value and everyone  is impressed by the design.”

What did you find most impressive or unique about Developers Shore?

Unlike many offshore developers that only are interested in the project hours, I was the most impressed with their sincere interest in our success. Developers Shore are clear that they want a long-term relationship and keen to help us make the Mooringo app attractive to our customers.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

”Like all projects there might be some bugs and visual mistakes but the developers provided by Developers Shore are always proactive in fixing these. I was impressed that Mooringo was credited when one of the developers was not as productive as planned. I think that was really a nice gesture that builds trust.”

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