Why consultants?

There are several reasons for a company to choose to use consultants ahead of recruiting and hiring. 


When using a consultant you quickly get more heads when you need extra help. Using a consultant is particularly useful for longer projects or when you know you will be having a higher workload for a period of time. 

Cost effectiveness

Bringing on a consultant can often be cost saving compared to, for example, permanent employment. One reason for this is that freelancers rarely have the same benefits such as sick pay, vacation and pension payments.

Agile Work

Consultants are many times more flexible and quicker to adopt to changes and to work under more adapted conditions compared to traditional employees. In addition, consultants are often so specialized that they become more free-wheeling and can work on projects with minimal support, which in turn frees up time for you. Time you can spend on other, more important things.


Additional short-term or long-term resources working remotely for you.


  • When you need to strengthen your team with talented developers and IT specialists or for a specific project.
  • When you do not find the right person locally or when time, cost and flexibility are important factors for you.


  • We are building the leading network of senior IT specialists and can quickly match the right person based on your requirement profile.
  • We handle negotiations, agreements, invoicing, administration and you can focus on the development work and delivery.

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