Development teams

There may be many situations when it is more relevant for you and your business to enlist the help of an entire development team as opposed to bringing in individual consultants.

Larger projects

It goes without saying that larger projects have a lot to gain from using a full team of developers versus a single consultant developer. It can often be difficult for a single developer to cope with and be able to handle all the work that a larger project requires.

Breadth of competence

Larger projects can, in addition to more work, also mean that a greater breadth of skills is needed. By using a team instead of an individual developer, it becomes easier to find all the skills needed for a successful project.

Time frames and tight deadlines

Many times, development projects require a certain pace with clear time frames and tight deadlines. By using a full development team, your chances of getting your projects to port on time increase. With a team, it becomes easier to distribute the work between several developers and thus be able to ensure that your project is completed on time. 


Long-term remote development power that becomes a natural part of your organisation.


  • When you have made a decision that the development can be carried out, wholly or partly, in another place.
  • When the distributed development model suits your way of working and is part of your company culture.
  • When you want to scale development more quickly and at a reasonable cost and realise that recruiting locally is time-consuming, costly and sometimes virtually impossible.


  • We set up a team of developers and specialists tailored to your needs.
  • We handle negotiations, agreements, invoicing, administration and you can focus on the development work and delivery.

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