Mobile and app development

The world is currently built around mobile devices and a constant need for connectivity. This has resulted in a marked increase in the need for app development and technologies to improve the digital flow and simplify tasks for consumers and companies in all sectors.

Our experience can help to customise your concept

Developers Shore have built our mobile and app development by offering excellence within frameworks that enhance the experience for iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Our developers are passionate about keeping up with the development of those hybrid solutions aimed at several operating systems. One example of this is React Native, which was developed by Facebook and combines iOS and Android – but of course we do not just limit ourselves to this.

Developers Shore’s large network of knowledgeable IT developers is always one step ahead so that they can immediately take up the latest technology. Our dedicated development team is located in the Ukraine, one of the world’s foremost countries for IT development, enabling us to offer reasonable prices and great knowledge in one package. Our extensive experience has enabled us to express a view on most of the problem solutions we encounter. We can take over and get involved in ongoing projects as well as build solutions from scratch. We can offer help with anything, from a vague idea to a completed launch, and we obviously always test the software prior to delivery.

App development for iOS

Several programming languages and frameworks are used to build apps in iOS, making it possible to do to achieve impressive results. Some are significantly simpler, while others, such as the innovative SwiftUI, can be classed as fully fledged in terms of flexibility when shifting between codes and visual design. Apple is constantly working to develop new updated tools to provide innovative user interfaces, unique user experiences and the ability to make the apps highly customisable for all Apple platforms. We always keep abreast of the latest developments at Developers Shore to offer you the best solution.

App development for Android

Android, owned by Google Inc., is another major mobile operating system designed for smartphones and tablets. App development within Android is steadily progressing and simplifies coding and structure using programming languages such as Java or Kotlin among others. If your company needs Android applications, we can produce these quickly at a good price.

Mobile development services for many operating systems

Many of our customers need apps that function everywhere, at any time, on all operating systems. There are several methods that can be applied if you want to build applications intended for several operating systems (‘hybrid app development’). Frameworks such as NativeScript, Ionic and React Native, have gained great popularity, making it easier than ever to create and adapt apps for multiple mobile operating systems. We can tell you more if you get in touch.