Backend development

The ‘backend’ of a website usually comprises those parts that jointly make up a system comprising a server, database and application layers. System developers make changes to the backend to further develop the system itself and improve the website’s function. Similarly the codes used in backend development help to maintain a good structure and security. Backend development is thus also a great tool for the frontend developer, whose task it is to make the site aesthetically pleasing and easy for a visitor to navigate.

Commitments of the backend developer

A backend or software developer will always know what is going on to ensure that all components are working together as they should and also that the data is being stored and organised in accordance with the correct principle. Although the system may be developed from scratch, pre-existing systems also require different kinds of adjustments and updates as well as regular checks to avoid software bugs. The backend developer works in constant synchronisation with the other IT developers within, for example, frontend development to ensure that the system is functional from the ground up. In brief, the software developer is responsible for, among other things, the efficiency, logic and loading speed of a website.

Dedicated and skilled system developers at Developers Shore work on programming, building and making websites secure in various ways. Your project will be analysed at a detailed level to determine the complexity of the system and process in order to achieve the best results.

The heart of a website

Programming in the backend requires one or more programming languages for code compilation. Several coding languages are generally used within backend development. System developers often have a greater choice and may be familiar with technologies such as Python, Ruby, PHP and .Net, etc. However, Java is generally used for the system development of larger, advanced websites, while PHP is handy for smaller projects.

Developers Shore’s system developers are always sensitive to each customer’s wishes and the structure of systems and websites. It is worth pointing out that different coding languages have different prerequisites and various top qualities suitable for different purposes. When you engage us, we will go to the very heart of your project to build a functioning and adapted system from scratch.

Why Developers Shore?

We always appreciate the value of quality when delivering software and offering our web development services. Thanks to a driven and focussed development team in Kiev in the Ukraine, we have the capacity to provide competent staff at a reasonable price with the guarantee that you will be well taken care of. Contact us to find out more.