DevOps development

DevOps is a way of taking web development one step further. The term is an abbreviation and merger of ‘development’ and ‘operations’. It is development and operation within the same package, and more besides. A fair explanation is to summarise DevOps as managing the full lifecycle of an application, including development, testing, operation, integration and especially security monitoring. Several methodologies form part of DevOps, such as Agile and Lean.

The DevOps principle

Working according to the DevOps principle means that less time and effort is required to launch software. It also involves rigorous testing, fault and bug fixes and allows just one team to take care of all segments. Having all of the DevOps developers in the same team means that the organisation avoids many of the misunderstandings that may otherwise arise, for example, when one team may not be fully aware of what the other team is doing.

Developers Shore puts competent groups of DevOps developers together to generate a continuous flow when managing your software. With us in the background, your system is tweaked and updated, any bugs are fixed and new versions are distributed regularly. The DevOps principle helps your business to gain time and eliminates unnecessary bottlenecks in your system.

An agile development method

DevOps is based on ‘agile’ system development. In short, this is a method that transforms change for the benefit of the customers. Agile system development involves many complicated concepts and words but, in a nutshell, is all about building, checking and delivering on an ongoing basis.

However, it might be worth noting that there are various methodologies focussing on different aspects. For example, in DevOps we work within the Agile and Lean methodologies, both of which are principally based on the same fundamental idea. However Agile is more about the lifecycle of the software itself, prioritising changes and involving the customer in the process, while Lean primarily focuses on optimising the production process and eliminating things of no benefit.

The DevOps team tends to include all methodologies to some extent and they overlap; the focus is to ensure cooperation between development and operation.

Sometimes the differences between these different development principles can become blurred. Please contact us and we can clarify this when discussing your project.

How DevOps can benefit your company

As DevOps involves a holistic approach from concept to finished product, and all that this entails, you will thus get more out in less time. All DevOps developers have the same goal – to deliver software based on your specific needs in the fastest possible way, where quality is constantly in the background, without you having to engage different teams for different tasks. Collaboration is extremely important when building and launching a software product – with DevOps you get all of the essential elements in one place. What you pay for is delivered quickly, including all accompanying parts (updates, tests and measurements, etc.).

The DevOps developers at Developers Shore are passionate about cooperation and the flexibility that DevOps brings. Our common goal is to build the most solid bridge between the development and operation services, combining them into one unit. We would love to tell you more, so please get in touch.