Full-Stack Developer (Python/React)

About the customer

The client has extensive experience in providing professional financing services. Fast, easy, and accessible – with small and medium-sized companies in focus. As smaller entrepreneurs, we know how difficult it can be to contact and get help from the big banks. That is exactly the basis of the business. The client provides professional financial services with content in a way that suits small and medium-sized companies.


About the team

1 CEO, 1 CTO and 7 sales representatives. You will be in closest contact with the CTO.


Assignment description

As a full-stack developer, you will take ownership of the customer’s existing platform. You will be responsible for further development of the platform as well as monitoring and ensuring that the platform works efficiently. And also think outside the box to provide continuous feedback improvements as well as support us in strategic decisions for the platform itself.


Must haves

Frontend part: React JS, Razzle, Recoil, Formik, Yup, styled-components, i18next.

Backend side: Python, FastAPI, Piccolo Admin, Uvicorn.

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