PHP development

Many web systems are based on PHP. PHP is a relatively easy-to-use scripting language used for backend development, but which has also been split into several versions and different frameworks with their own specialities. One advantage of PHP is that it has an open source code, making it easy for different web developers to contribute their part.

The simplicity of PHP

Developers Shore’s web developers are used to working in PHP and recommend it for many things, particularly small-scale websites. However, there are many tools that a developer can use to advance things if required. It is therefore fair to mention PHP as a very flexible programming language that is easy to master and benefits user experience and customer satisfaction in respect of the digitalised part.

The PHP scripting language is much appreciated in IT circles. The language is easy to combine with other databases and provides a number of functions without creating any significant complications. PHP developers can choose to work on just websites or to develop the software as a whole.

PHP’s different frameworks

PHP has continuously grown over time. Various frameworks have also been added for the best tailor-made results when rebuilding, extending or updating a website. A supplementary framework is consequently a helping hand for a pre-existing programming language.

The choice of framework is linked to various parameters, such as popularity, what documentation is being used and a balance between other factors that have come into play. However, something that is particularly important to consider is the size of the community using the framework, as it is then easier to quickly correct any bugs or a lack of security aspects.

The two most common frameworks are listed below, although there have been a number of successors of which Developers Shore’s PHP developers have great knowledge and understanding.

• Symphony
• Laravel


Symphony is used by many large websites and is at the forefront in terms of testing, broader solutions, troubleshooting and documentation. It is regarded as one of the larger frameworks, where most dynamic functions can be found.


Laravel has many influences from Symphony and other frameworks and has been developed by cherry picking and combining the very best bits. Laravel is perfect if you are looking for a very dynamic website. It is also a framework that specialises in device testing of codes, a pure security measure that is of benefit all the way through to the customer’s user experience.

There are obviously several frameworks that Developers Shore’s PHP developers have a great knowledge and understanding of. Contact us to find the best solution for your website.