E-commerce and different CMS

A growing number of consumers are purchasing most of their products online, which has made e commerce an integral element for most companies that sell. This, in turn, has contributed to an increased demand for adaptable CMS solutions specifically designed for e-commerce. A well-built e commerce platform will guide your visitors to a smart and easy-to-navigate site, while the CMS system itself is built to make it easy for the company to offer e-commerce.

A customised CMS for your e-commerce site

CMS is an abbreviation of ‘Content Management System’ and is simply a data system that helps publish and manage content on a website. Consequently, the system helps to automate things you would normally have had to spend a lot of manual work on. For example, a CMS tailored for e-commerce can make it easy to update your stock balance, and is helpful when adding or removing products from your site. A good CMS also improves the customer purchasing experience, enabling you to increase your sales figures.

With the right CMS, you can customise your site to become the one you want and you can, for example, add different content strategies to easily optimise its content on a qualitative level. For example, it is important to have the support of a CMS solution if you want to optimise your e-commerce site to rank highly in search engines and thereby generate more traffic and customers to your site.

E-commerce platforms for web shops

There are currently several e-commerce platforms from which to choose when developing a good e commerce site. Some common examples are:
• Magento
• WooCommerce
• WordPress

Furthermore, some platforms can be combined and supplemented for the best results. For example, WooCommerce marries very well with WordPress to build a unique e-commerce site. In this case you would purchase a WooCommerce add-on to extend your existing WordPress site, transforming it into an inspirational e-store with a design theme, creative background and layout just right for your brand. This platform also facilitates order and customer management, etc.

All e-commerce platforms have great development potential, using the CMS system as a framework and then filling in the content and adapting it with your own unique codes, thereby getting a tailor-made e-commerce site. The team at Developers Shore has great experience in this field. Our developers have the ability to both see the technical and artistic sides, and thereby can meet your needs.

Get an advanced e-commerce system with Developers Shore

At Developers Shore, we can help you to develop a unique e-commerce site, showing your company and products in the best light, regardless of whether your business is large or small. Our developers are familiar with all kinds of industry. Our work usually involves the platforms referred to above, although we obviously go further than this as our expertise encompasses many different e-commerce solutions. Furthermore, we will also develop a CMS solution to give you full management of your website.

Our objective is to find a balance between workable user friendliness and creative content for the visitor to attract more customers while allowing you to make changes in a secure and effective way.