Java development

Java is the most common object-oriented programming language, and most people choose to use it within backend development for building flexible systems. This is because Java is capable of managing large websites, such as banks and mobile sites, etc., where security, storage, adaption to other platforms and high performance top the list of requirements.

Java – an omnilanguage within the IT world

Java can be found everywhere when using different devices. Smartphones, laptops, games consoles, digital technology for research and large data centres – all of these devices are largely based on Java technology.

Java was first used in 1995, and since then the programming language has been one of the predominant coding languages, evolving over time and gradually improving. It is still difficult for enthusiastic web developers, who have contributed their knowledge and drive to make the language what it is today, to find something to beat Java’s exceptional qualities. Businesses in all sectors have seen how Java has improved communication internally between colleagues and externally with customers, resulting in increased production, rapid interaction and unique websites.

To extend Java’s benefits, the JavaFX platform has now become part of the everyday lives of IT developers for easier integration of various functions. This platform assists by generating interesting, visual user experiences to engage and motivate both visitors and developers. Our systems developers at Developers Shore are well acquainted with everything that Java and JavaFX can accomplish and can thus deliver high-quality software for all projects.

The advantages of Java technology

Java is a powerful tool that enables several aspects within a website. For example, Java is compatible on several different platforms and can therefore be built up on one and then used on several different ones.

Furthermore, Java can be combined or supplemented with existing applications for more versatility and is also used to develop greater and broader efficiency in applications within a number of products (sensors, mobile phones and tablets, remote processors and wireless devices, etc.). Similarly, Java can be used for existing applications in a server with a view to, for example, processing surveys, forums and other important documents of relevance to the link between business and the consumer.

Java developers at Developers Shore

The sound knowledge of Java that Developers Shore’s system developers possess means that they can structure and/or improve your website entirely according to your wishes. We offer quality-assured, flexible, affordable and tailor-made services, including regular feedback so that you are always part of the process.