JavaScript is one of the most commonly used scripting language in frontend development. It has the capacity to execute real commands, including easier coding and the ability to take a website to significantly higher levels than many other scripting languages. The use of JavaScript often involves interaction with CSS or HTML codes.

Developers Shore uses JavaScript to lift your website and make it extremely dynamic, well-designed and organised, benefitting both the site and its visitors.

Why choose JavaScript?

JavaScript is the basic tool for frontend developers who want to create a website that is interesting, unique, clear and easy to navigate from a purely visual point of view. The benefit of using this tool is that both you and visitors to the website have a better experience, which can generate higher rankings, better quality and more traffic.

To help JavaScript achieve this, it has a number of different frameworks, or ‘libraries’ as they are also called, to assist and build on the applications. Some of these frameworks are:

• React.js
• Angular.js
• Vue.js
• JQuery.js
• Typescript.js
• Backbone.js

All of the libraries have been developed to make it easier to create small wonders with the website or applications in the form of storage, functions, performance, special coding and various special elements. JavaScript and one of these frameworks can be added to a website where, for example, HTML or CSS are important to their structure, to enrich the website with visible graphics and awesome attributes. In this

way, the script can be used to get your website to stand out from the rest, with different animations, videos and great images while giving the site a good layout and easy navigation. These aspects are extremely important in the digital world.

We help you by providing system developers who care about quality

Our outsourcing team in the Ukraine are always eager to get involved if your website needs a really good frontend developer specialising in JavaScript. All of our system developers possess a high level of knowledge and experience about how JavaScript functions and what can be combined to deliver extraordinary software. We are happy to pass on this knowledge, so please contact us to let us share this with you.