.NET development

.NET is an open-source development platform and part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Both are therefore developed in parallel and the basic idea is to combine user friendliness with powerful functions. .NET is currently regarded as one of the world’s largest platforms and can provide a range of features and advanced content solutions for websites for larger operations. However, .NET is just as suitable for simpler websites and smaller mobile applications.

.NET – an IT world of opportunities

A major advantage of .NET is that it already has a number of solutions ready to make things easier for system developers. These include data storage, network connections, file extensions and graphical user interface extraction, etc. C# is the programming language used in .NET, although this may also be left out if required by compiling other programming languages, such as C++ or Visual Basic and others. C#, or C Sharp as it is also referred to, is based on C++ but has many similarities with the Java language. This language is very popular with beginners as it can deliver quite advanced codes in an easily understandable way. It is also a programming language that is relatively secure to use, as it provides a lot of protection against hackers. C# can be used in many contexts, but particularly when programming Windows-based applications and games.

In brief, .NET can be described as equivalent to the Java platform, though with standardisation according to the Common Language Infrastructure specification, which allows different programming languages to be used in the .NET environment without needing to be reformulated.

.NET has been developed in recent years and rewritten as many other versions to boost performance and innovative approaches. Different implementations, such as .NET Core, may also be used as these are compatible with other operating systems. This incorporates more flexibility, making it easier to develop the platform as a whole.

.NET Core

As a further development of .NET, which can only be used in Windows environments, the NET Core multiplatform enables you to work with further operating systems such as macOS and Linux. .NET Core has an open source code and is simply a rewritten version of .NET. Thus with .NET Core you get much more functionality when creating modern and cloud-based applications through .NET.

Using .NET to extend your system

As many companies may already be using Microsoft’s products, it could be worth continuing down that path. If you would like to further develop your system or build a new one in .NET, the software developers at Developers Shore can help you create an effective website with an impressive number of solutions to achieve the best results.

What makes a good .NET developer?

The .NET platform itself is multipurpose and the skills of a proficient .NET developer should be as broad within this area as within backend development. Extensive experience of Windows operating systems, various platforms and specialist knowledge of .NET’s diverse areas will ensure much easier use.

When you require a keen .NET developer for your business, Developers Shore will have the individual you need. Our experienced team of system developers are constantly monitoring .NET’s development and are thus always at the forefront, and able to offer customised web solutions. Changes are taking place rapidly, and this role also carries responsibility for operation and security. Contact us and we can discuss your specifications and find the .NET solution that will give you the results you seek to achieve.