Qwik: a new mental model is here

Do you frequently work with slow and difficult-to-optimize applications? If so, you’re not alone. Many developers struggle to improve the performance of their applications, but there’s a new solution on the horizon – Qwik.

Qwik is a cutting-edge framework that utilizes a new mental model to make a significant difference in any application. It simplifies the development process and allows for rapid iteration and experimentation, resulting in faster, more efficient applications.

If you’re not familiar with Qwik, don’t worry – this webinar is the perfect opportunity to learn more about it. Join us to discover how Qwik can revolutionize your approach to application development, and learn firsthand from our speaker about how to implement this framework in your own work.


Giorgio Boa / Author and maintainer of VsCode Jira Plugin

📢 International speaker I like to share my experience during public events
❤️ I really love open source mentality and frontend ecosystem
Author and maintainer of VsCode Jira Plugin and Vite Plugin for Module Federation

GitHub – github.com/gioboa

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