Senior Python Developer

It’s a part-time (approx. 200 hours) & remote role.
English: Upper-Intermediate
Interview steps: intro > tech interview.

The customer uses a central IT system (GIT – Golf IT system) for scheduling their players to play golf. Upon the player’s arrival at the golf club, the receptionist can print a scorecard with current data directly from system. When a print is requested in the system, a call is sent to my system with a payload specifying the path, printer, and booking. The system then creates a PDF that is distributed to the golf club’s network printer through a Raspberry PI located on their local network.

We are looking for a consultant who will have previous experience with similar systems. It could be the generation and distribution of printouts from a central system to network printers at perhaps airports or department stores. It is also important that you have knowledge that covers all parts of the project. It includes management of network printers and communication with them, architecture for the system, and development of the program code itself. It may be that the product does not have many counterparts and that it is something almost unique that needs to be developed/invented.

Critical moments within the system:
– The shortest possible time from click to print;
– Simple onboarding on-site at the customer without interaction with interfaces (plug-n-play);
– Easy new customer setup on our end which allows connect new customers at a fast pace;
– Stable connection between the system and the printers in remote networks;
– The least possible dependence on the customer’s local infrastructure such as firewalls and bandwidth;
– Monitoring of printer status and the possibility of performing printer actions remotely;
– Scalable up to approx. 5,000,000 prints per year distributed among approx. 400 printers.

Team: Technical Product Owner that you will be working tight with.

Must haves:
– Python;
– Backend framework (Django/Flask);
– RESTful API:
– Raspberry PI;
– Linux/Ubuntu;
– ReportLAB.

Nice to have: some frontend experience.

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