What the developers want?


Bjorn is developing a new CMS in .NET Core that has a special target audience – the developers. Let’s face it, developers have a huge influence in promoting an application. 

Thus the Developer Experience needs to be top notch. And in his opinion, it is shaping up to be just that.Some Microsoft product owners and community leaders expressed curiosity in the project and requested a private demonstration! Stoked!

Please attend for a live demonstration of the CMS, and listen in on why the programming data model should definitely be defined in code (and not in the database!!), why a CMS should not try to ”overreach”, and why I believe a code-first CMS in .NET Core/EF Core is the way forward!

It will be very interesting to get your feedback, opinions and thoughts on the different product design choices in the CMS.

📆 Wednesday 8/2 ⏰ 10.30 -11.30!

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