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Client case - Djurens rätt - Baby chickens

How has GoWombat experienced the cooperation with Djurens Rätt & Developers Shore during this specific project?

Our cooperation with Djurens Rätt for this project started in 2022 after we had proven that we were competent and staffed with good developers by helping them with smaller projects in the beginning.

The project manager from the client’s side is a very technical person and had a good vision of what needed to be done when we started the project.

At first, the project was a bit challenging because of the war breaking out in Ukraine and the project initiation coinciding with the summer holidays in Sweden. So, we had a bit of a hectic design phase, but when the tasks and requirements were defined and the implementation could start, the project went on smoothly.

We were very involved, maintaining good communication along the way. For example, Developers Shore was always keen on solving financial topics. Sometimes requirements of the projects change during the development, and this results in changes from the original budget plan that you need to take action on. All three parties kept stable and open communication, working with total trust. We even met in person for lunch in Stockholm during the project, which strengthened the relationship!

Who are Djurens Rätt?

Djurens rätt works globally to make a difference for the animals that are the most exploited and suffer the worst. They work for the chickens, cows, pigs, fish and other animals that need their help and give them a voice and defend their rights. They have been doing this work since 1882.

What do you think is the key to success in this project?

I think the good results come from the fact that Go Wombat has been very open and transparent, maintaining direct client-to-developer communication, without middlemen. This translates to a faster and more effective workflow. The project manager was always in the loop but let the technical issues be discussed and handled by the technical roles.

During the project there were some changes in requirements, yet the team remained patient and genuinely wanted the project to succeed. I think this project ended so successfully because all parties have been very responsive the whole time and worked in total synergy. We all wanted it to succeed.

Are there any specific parts of the website that you’re especially proud of?

We are especially proud of the web form constructor and that we developed the UI library of design components that also can be reused in other applications within the organisation.

GoWombat has been partnering up with Developers Shore and Djurens Rätt for a long time – which factors contributed to such a long and solid partnership?

Besides what I have already said, I can add this: a systematic approach to tasks from both the Djurens Rätt side and our side. Working with dedicated people who already know the client and how they work makes a big difference. We try to allocate people that already know the client and team. They have a very close relationship and work very well together.

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