Internal stakeholders are exceedingly satisfied with Developers Shore’s excellent candidates. The teammates are productive, committed, and highly competent. They meet deadlines and are flexible and professional in their project management. They also communicate well via Slack and Google Meet.

Developers Shore provides staff augmentation services for a fitness coaching platform. They’ve found and hired two senior developers to work with the internal team on React Native and web development.

Client Case - Twiik - People standing in a meeting

Who are Twiik?

Twiik is on a mission to make more people live their lives to the full potential. By combining its strong technical platform with engaging digital fitness content such as online bootcamps, workouts and corporate wellness challenges, Twiik makes great digital fitness experiences available Anytime, Anywhere in Any way.

Twiik works with both enterprise level fitness operators as well as directly to consumers and companies.

Who are you (Leif Magnusson)?

I’m the CTO of Twiik, leading our app and web development involving both our in-house team and augmented resources.

What challenge were you trying to address with Developers Shore?

In Sweden, there’s been a shortage of software engineers in recent years which makes it a challenge to secure talent. Also, being a growing company, we need certain flexibility in our organization.

What was the scope of Developers shore’s involvement?

We use Developers Shore as near-shore developers. They’re outsourced staff, but they’re integrated into our software team, so they work closely with our in-house developers.

First, we tell them the profile we need; for example, a React native developer. They don’t have a pool of consultants, so they go out and find the candidate in Ukraine — with the Russian Invasion, they’ve broadened their scope a bit to find people. We interview the candidate. If the person is fit, they hire them to work with us. We don’t have to worry about the legal side.

In summary, we only have to specify the kind of developer we want.

We’ve hired two senior developers, so they didn’t need training; we only needed to onboard them on our products. One is an application developer that knows React Native and has experience with mobile apps. The other one is an advanced web developer.

How did you come to work with Developers Shore?

They found us. We’re often approached by companies who want to help us find consultants. However, what set Developers Shore apart was that they hired specifically for the role. In addition, they were able to facilitate a pathway to hire these developers ourselves if we chose to.

Client case - Twiik - Represenation of Twiik app on mobile phone

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

Since we’re working closely with them, our measurement is the cultural fit. We like to work with the engineers, and they’re productive. We feel they’re part of the team and contribute well in our projects

How did Developers Shore perform from a project management standpoint?

They’re good at following up and ensuring everything is good for our engineers and us. Their developers meet deadlines and are very flexible. As a small company, we often adapt our plans to the needs at hand. We initially picked those two developers because they said they liked working in changing environments. All in all, they’ve been very professional and flexible when we’ve given them curveballs.

They work out of Eastern Europe, so they’re within or close to our timezone allowing a full integration in our work streams. We communicate directly with them and can bring them here for events. We use Slack and Google Meet for daily stand-up meetings

What did you find most impressive about Developers Shore?

We’re really happy with Developers Shore’s ability to find good candidates on short notice. We’re also impressed with how quickly our candidates got started and became productive team members. Moreover, since we get someone explicitly hired for the job, we feel the developers are more engaged.

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