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Welcome to a developer-centric company

Our goal

Our goal is simple: we’re building a company that’s going to become the best employment destination for talented Ukrainian programmers.

Our mission

We aim to advance the growth of IT in our country by attracting Swedish businesses to Ukraine’s software development sector.

Our values

Quality, Honesty, Respect. We believe these are the cornerstones of an inclusive working environment and productive teamwork.

Our philosophy

We maintain a competitive edge via a focus on the latest technologies combined with a flat, non-hierarchical organization structure.

Why us?

Our agency is an open door environment. Our office is a place where people can learn new things and share their experience during regular meetups and event of all sorts. Our team is a collective of intelligent individuals who enjoy the company of each other. Whether it’s working side by side or grabbing a few beers with your colleagues, you’ll feel at home here 🙂

What makes us different?

Developers Shore is more than just another IT company that you work for. Joining our team is about entering a community that benefits developers in many ways.

The short answer is we’re learning from our clients when it comes to developer happiness. Working with our Swedish customers, we can see how much effort they put into building teams where people love their jobs. That’s exactly how we’re approaching teams at Developers Shore!

List of available vacancies

Mobile Engineer

We are looking for Mobile Engineer for our New Swedish client ( sports media industry) in Kiev on a full-time basis.

The project and the team:
We are looking for experienced engineer to work with us on app development.
We are creating apps using both native iOS development and hybrid development, so we are looking for developers who are accustomed to projects in which these things are mixed.
Our system is made of apps that are designed to handle live video: one for capturing content on a mobile; one for interactive viewing; and one for behind-the-scenes production, audience interaction, clip distribution, and project oversight.

Our founders come from media, communications, and technology.
We are a team of seven, with four building the tech and three working on business development.

Required skills:
Javascript, C++ and Swift3 experience;
Development environment: xCode and Javascript
Task coordination: Jira
Version control: Git and Subversions
Operating Systems: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows 10
Database: Firebase
Authentication: OAuth2
Experience working with real-time content going through cloud services like AWS or Azure is beneficial. Experience with media streaming using Wowza, and some UX skills are good to have. If you have done in-app purchases, paywalls, or e-commerce components before, that is a plus.

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Our team

Viktor Nyberg

Viktor Nyberg

Sales Manager
Eugene Vasylevskiy

Eugene Vasylevskiy

General Manager Ukraine
Peter Kolnhofer

Peter Kolnhofer

Business Development Manager
David Ekenvi

David Ekenvi

Project Manager