Automated Testing on iOS with XCUITest

XCUITest is Apple’s very own testing framework, which is world’s fastest, efficient, and most reliable testing practice in iOS.

The webinar will cover the following points:

  • xctest, xcuitest, swift, Xcode;
  • shift left;
  • unit testing;
  • visual testing;
  • library/sdk/api testing;
  • E2E functional testing with different network layers;
  • how to automate tests right?;
  • test framework architecture;
  • non functional testing – localisation, accessibility, security, performance, analytics; 
  • manual testing;
  • deployment and post production monitoring;
  • bug fixing & evolving testing practices;
  • code & test coverage;
  • configuring in ci.


Suparna Khamaru / Automating @ PayPal

Suparna is a prominent Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in Software Testing, Automation & CI/CD. She is a subject matter expert in XCUITest and Shift Left Testing with Mobile apps Automation. Her love for testing has made her a winner of several Testathons & writer of several tech articles.

Follow her on for any questions related to different testing practices in mobile.

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