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Hamid is a software developer with over 6 years of development experience. He has deep knowledge in ‘C#’, ‘multithreading’, ‘LINQ’, ‘generics’ with extensive ‘design patterns’. Hamid is also a team player who delivers quality code, enjoys challenges and overcomes obstacles.

Most common questions and concerns

Our delivery department conducts HR interviews with prospective members of our community. These interviews focus on the developer's previous experience and previous employment and their communication skills. When we have presented a suitable candidate, he/she then completes the steps that our customer we have their internal process. Usually 2 interviews and a technical test. The responsibility for "quality assurance" of the candidate is therefore shared between us at Developers Shore and the customer.

Currently we have around 1000 developers in our community, we replenish this in cases where we do not have a suitable candidate to present to our client's assignment. We do this through marketing, headhunting and search on LinkedIn as well as external advertisements. We also apply a bonus for our members who refer friends or their own contacts who match a role or project.

This is not true, the quality of the developers is at least as good. In fact, our developers are more likely to work overtime and inconvenient working hours than Swedish consultants without asking for extra compensation.

All companies have it before they choose to spend resources and energy on correcting this in order to become more "future-proof". What we have noticed is that our developers are extremely good at finding solutions and ways of working to be able to carry out effective work anyway, through translation services e.g. Our consultants are used to working remotely and to countries with documentation or commentary in languages ​​other than English. There is nothing new under the sun for them and it is rarely as bad as the customer thinks it is.

The majority of bad experiences come from offshore collaborations, usually India or Asia. Many times it is due to cultural differences and that although the hours have been cheap, they have been extremely long hours. This is why we work towards Europe, these developers are more like us and also appreciate how we Swedes ourselves want to work and run our development teams in the form of feedback, transparency, etc.

Our handbook (in swedish) can help you get an idea of ​​which processes and routines might be good to implement. The responsible salesperson together with delivery people are happy to help out in our direction to ensure that you succeed with your developer(s). You can find our manual "How to succeed with remote development" HERE - LINK

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