Front-End/Full Stack Developer

10 years of experience in front-end development, gained a lot of commercial experience with JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue, TypeScript, NodeJS, Next, Nuxt), CMS (Shopify, Sanity, Netlify), etc. Also, I took part in lots of projects as a freelancer and achieved high positions in the ratings on various platforms. Took a part in the migration of a really old project (> 20 years) to a modern stack (Node + React). Besides that, I set up three small teams (3-4 devs) and led them for about a year. I have taught several groups of students, some of whom have successfully found jobs in various IT companies. As for the back-end, I can support exists code base. If I get to choose I’d prefer to work backend functionality using different providers as Netlify, Firebase, Shopify, Sanity etc.

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