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Who are Mooringo?

The focus for Outnorth and Fjellsport is Outdoor from a Scandinavian perspective – we call it “The best of Scandinavian Outdoor”. We choose clothes, shoes and equipment from primarily all-Nordic brands and based on how we see Outdoor here in the Nordics and Scandinavia.

We want to inspire more people to stay outdoors, because we know that it is useful on so many levels. Our missionary “We bring happiness to people by taking them outdoors.

Who are you (Alexander Frisk)?

My name is Alexander Frisk and I work as a Product Manager on Outnorth & Fjellsport. As the Product Owner, my role involves defining the product vision, setting priorities, collaborating with stakeholders, and ensuring the product’s value and quality. I work closely with the development team, including the ones from Developers Shore, to align on requirements, features, and the overall direction of the product.

Describe the scope of the project with Developers Shore

As the Product Owner in charge of a newly developed Product Information Management (PIM) system, the scope of the project with Developers Shore includes defining and overseeing the development, implementation, and go-live activities for the PIM system. The project scope would encompass the functionalities, features, integration requirements, timelines, and deliverables related to the PIM system’s development. Today we have two fullstack developers from Developers Shore in this project.

For what projects did your company hire Developers Shore, and what were your goals?

Our company hired Developers Shore to aid the core team with the development of a new PIM system. The goal was to create an efficient and comprehensive platform for managing product information, improving data accuracy, enabling easy updates, and enhancing overall product information flow.

How did you select Developers Shore and what were the deciding factors?

We chose Developers Shore because it was the right timing for the project and the availability of the certain competence we were looking for was hard to find. Our system is developed in a pretty unusual language called Clojure and it was difficult to find people to hire who had the right skills. It would have been a long process to hire the right consultant or alternatively the person would have had to learn the programming language as a part of the process. Now we got consultants with the right skills at the right time.

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How did the collaboration with Developers Shore start?

They contacted us just as we were about to search for Clojure developer skills. We gave them the request and they presented two CV:s to Vitalii and Artem who ended up hiring for the project. The personal contact with Developers Shore has been minimal because everything is working out as we expect

Can you share some outcomes of the project so far?

At this point in the project, measurable outcomes is that the first version of the new system is going live soon, all core modules is in place and successful integration with existing systems.

What did you find most impressive or unique about Developers Shore?

What was found most impressive about Developers Shore is their dedication to understanding our business requirements, their ability to adapt to changing needs, their commitment to delivering good solutions.

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