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Why remote?

When we decided to explore remote solutions, we didn’t know much about countries like Ukraine and Azerbaijan except that they had a good reputation in IT development. After a few trips, many meetings and a couple of test projects, we were convinced and had also found partners who shared our vision of a community of quality-assured remote developers.

We can state that these countries have a unique position with a long tradition in mathematics / IT and have plenty of highly educated and competent developers. An extremely high IT competence builds the future of the country and the recruitment process is smoother than in Sweden.

  • Best quality in relation to the price for IT development
  • Small cultural differences that facilitate cooperation
  • Our developers speak English well
  • The time difference is only 1-3 hours

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Read more about how we at Developers Shore work and how we daily help companies scale their tech team with the help of quality-assured consultants in Eastern Europe.

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Our local organization has many years of experience recruiting developers. We only work with competent, quality-assured developers.


We handle recruitment, purchasing, HR, administration, workplace and you can focus on development work and delivery.


We offer you and your company the flexibility to scale up and down your organization at short notice so that it suits your particular needs.

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