Additional short-term or long-term resources working remotely for you.


  • When you need to strengthen your team with talented developers and IT specialists or for a specific project.

  • When you do not find the right person locally or when time, cost and flexibility are important factors for you.


  • We are building the leading network of senior IT specialists and can quickly match the right person based on your requirement profile.

  • We handle negotiations, agreements, invoicing, administration and you can focus on the development work and delivery.




Long-term remote development power that becomes a natural part of your organisation.


  • When you have made a decision that the development can be carried out, wholly or partly, in another place.

  • When the distributed development model suits your way of working and is part of your company culture.

  • When you want to scale development more quickly and at a reasonable cost and realise that recruiting locally is time-consuming, costly and sometimes virtually impossible.


  • We recruit a team of developers and specialists tailored to your needs.

  • We act as an employer and are responsible for salaries, equipment, HR issues, benefits, workplaces, etc. while you focus on the development work and delivery.



Complete development and 
delivery of specified development projects.


  • When you need to develop applications or systems and do not want to, or cannot develop them yourself.

  • When you have completed sketches/specs and are ready to run development projects remotely.

  • When you want to quickly scale a project up or down.


  • We work with selected partner companies that have the ability and capacity to deliver complete solutions.

  • We match you with the right partner company and help to get your project started and ensure that the collaboration runs smoothly.

Why collaborate with us?

Our local organization has many years of experience in recruiting developers. We only work with competent, motivated and quality-assured developers.

No time-consuming work for you to evaluate local consulting companies and developers. We have already done that work for you. Qualitative matching of resources is key for us

We handle recruitment, purchasing, HR, administration, workplace and you can focus on development work and delivery.

We provide more value for money compared to expensive local consultants or low-quality low-cost offshore solutions.

We offer the flexibility to scale up and down your organization at short notice.

You avoid the investment and administration that entails the process of employment.

We ensure our clients ownership and confidentiality of code and assets as well as compliance with GDPR.

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